Posted by: scottisafool | May 8, 2010

Time for a change, the end of this incarnation

I have made the decision after a lot of grief to move my blog away from here and put it in a new home. My reasons for doing this included constant spam comments and no way of preventing them, and for an unexplained reason, I was actually unable to post to the blog for Live Writer. Imagine that.

Please make your way over to and be sure to update your bookmarks and rss feeds.




  1. Yes Scott, I toyed with the same idea. I am running a \’clone\’ blog on WordPress (as you probably know) and a clone of my personal blog on there as well. However, the Spam has eased off of late, so I am deferring it until we know what has been updated on our Spaces (or not)

  2. I am seriously thinking about doing the same thing. The constant spam became so overwhelming I just gave up on deleting it.

  3. Hey !

  4. Further to this, I love what they are doing on Churning out new themes at the rate of one a week at least. Also some of them allow some customization which is great. Just wish Spaces would follow suit with the same features. ….sigh……….

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