Posted by: scottisafool | September 9, 2008

AutoCollage 2008, Very Cool

Microsoft Research released a cool program last week called AutoCollage 2008, which, as the name suggests it automatically creates a collage of pictures, and does so really well actually. So in a predictably vain moment, I made a collage out of my 10 most recent profile pictures on facebook. This is the result:

I have done better examples, but I don’t have them to hand.

As you can see, it does a very good job, and I personally think this would make a great addition to Windows Live Photo Gallery, or as a Mesh App (imagine if you had a folder synced with Mesh that you could drop the photos into, then when it’s synced with Mesh, an AutoCollage Mesh app then makes all those pictures into a collage and puts it back in that synced folder!). The only real criticism I have about this is the size of collage. At the moment, the options for that are as follows:

Which is fine, except it would be nicer if you could do a custom size. For example, screen resolution is fine, but when I’m on two monitors (like I am now), and I want to do one for say my home computer which is just one monitor, then that resolution isn’t really that good. If I want to share my collages with people, I either have to choose a size that is either too small for a monitor, or two big for most people’s monitor. Having custom sizes would alleviate this I feel.

But other than that, it’s totally worth a try, and you can download the 30 day trial from


Whilst writing this, I was listening to Def LeppardRock Of Ages


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